Important Notice: Due to Covid-19 the auction will be a live-stream only sale. Click here to register for Remote Bidding.
020 7625 9007

Remote Bidding Authorisation

You are registering to bid in our upcoming Auction.

To authorise your bid, you must register your credit or debit card via Stripe using the checkout button above.

Stripe will authenticate the card with your card issuer and then place a hold on the funds for £6,200.

This represents a £5,000 deposit contribution plus our buyer’s admin fee of £1,200 (£1,000 +VAT).

Please make sure that the cardholder’s details you provide match the bidder or contract name on the bidding forms you have submitted. If they do not, you will be required to repeat this process.

To complete the bidding process, you must have also provided certified ID or successfully uploaded the required documents to the CREDAS links that you may have received after submitting your form (ID Verification App).

Once all elements of the remote bidding process have been completed, you will receive a confirmation email from us.

What happens after the auction?

If you are unsuccessful, your payment hold will be lifted automatically.

For the winning bidder, the debit will take place immediately following the fall of the gavel. If your 10% deposit exceeds the £5,000 you will need to top up the remainder immediately after the auction.

If you have any enquiries about the bidding process, please contact us on 020 7625 9007.