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Auction House London’s Guide to Croydon

24 June 2024

Auction House London has several properties listed in the June Auction. Our team of experts have extensive knowledge about of London and this latest guide in the Auction House London series takes us to Croydon in South London. This area boasts several attractions and has excellent transport links, as well as a thriving arts and music scene featuring a rich and storied history.

Where is Croydon

Croydon is a large town at the centre of the wider London Borough of Croydon and is located a little over nine miles directly south of Charing Cross. Croydon lies north of the North Downs, a series of chalk ridges that ultimately lead to the White Cliffs of Dover. Also south of Croydon is the Pilgrims’ Way path, a historically significant route taken by pilgrims seeking out the shrine of Thomas Becket, who was a twelfth-century saint and martyr of the Catholic church.

The area features multiple heavy rail and light rail connections, including London Overground links and Tramlink. Transport for London also operates many bus routes in and around Croydon, with most services passing through West Croydon bus station.

West Croydon Bus Station

The history of Croydon

The name Croydon is predominantly thought to derive from the Old English words ‘croh denu’, with ‘croh’, meaning crocus, which we call saffron today. The Old English word for valley was ‘denu’, so ‘croh denu’ would have meant saffron valley, indicating that Croydon was originally a hub for the cultivation of saffron during the Roman period.

The town’s origins do seem to have been a kind of Roman settlement, with development beginning by the side of the Roman road leading from London to Portslade in Brighton and Hove on the south coast. Croydon then became the main part of the estate belonging to the Archbishops of Canterbury during the late Saxon period, before another twelfth century Archbishop turned it into a weekly market which likely marked the beginning of Croydon becoming an urban centre.

By the mid-nineteenth century, Croydon had become a leisure destination with the addition of a spa and pleasure gardens, as well as special hospitals known as Alms-houses. The West Croydon Baptist Church built in 1873 would eventually be given Grade II listed status, while the Parish Church of St Michael and All Angels – completed in 1885 – has received Grade I listed status.

Modern Croydon didn’t really start to take shape until after the Second World War when many of the slum-type areas were cleared away. Today Croydon boasts many tall buildings, while additional redevelopment schemes have seen several residential buildings added across the town. The phased redevelopments mean there are some interesting properties available in Croydon, such as this two bedroom semi-detached house on Alpha Road featuring two reception rooms and a rear back garden.

There are also properties available for excellent prices due to needing some refurbishment, such as this three bedroom semi-detached house on Greenview Avenue. A lot of houses have been converted into upstairs and downstairs flats, so there are also other options such as this ground floor two bedroom flat on Bensham Manor Road.

Croydon has a wide variety of amenities that serve the local community. There are several shopping centres along with many convenience stores and supermarkets. Residents have easy access to all the daily necessities, as well as plenty of transport options and access to green spaces.

Croydon is emerging from the shadows of its bustling neighbours, establishing itself as a prime location for city dwellers. Living in Croydon presents a unique blend of work and leisure opportunities, making it an attractive choice. A quick twenty-minute train ride from East Croydon station takes you right into central London, highlighting Croydon’s exceptional connectivity.

Currently undergoing a dynamic transformation, Croydon is shedding its once-drab image. The town is embracing a new era, marked by significant changes in its skyline and streetscape. The stark, brutalist architecture of the past is now contrasted with vibrant new developments, indicating a fresh, modern outlook.

Croydon offers a range of appealing apartments for those considering settling here. Modern living spaces like Ten Degrees and Enclave provide high style living options, attracting city workers and young families.

Croydon Boxpark

BOXPARK Croydon is a ground-breaking culinary hub that has revolutionised the local dining scene and is a highlight of the local community. This contemporary venue features an eclectic mix of street food stalls, offering a culinary tour across continents without leaving Croydon. Each visit to BOXPARK is an adventure, with a diverse array of international cuisines sure to delight your taste buds.

Moreover, Croydon is on the brink of further transformation with the much-anticipated Westfield redevelopment. This project promises to enhance the area’s appeal, drawing in new residents, businesses, and tourists. It’s an exciting time to consider living in Croydon as it reinvents itself into a vibrant, modern neighbourhood that maintains its unique character while boldly stepping into the future.

As you explore your options for apartments in Croydon, you’ll discover a community that stands out as a beacon, not merely living in the shadow of the capital. Whether you’re a professional seeking a convenient city commute or a family looking for a lively yet comfortable place to call home, Croydon offers a promising and exciting future.

Open spaces in Croydon

The borough of Croydon has several woods to explore, especially around Lloyd Park and Croham Hurst. There are several other parks and open spaces around Croydon, including an area of landscaped green space in the town centre by the name of Queens Gardens.

What are the schools like in Croydon?

Croydon College is the most well-known educational facility in the area, with its three sub-colleges serving over 13,000 students. Royal Russell School is a co-educational independent boarding and day school in South Croydon, plus there are several fee-paying schools in the area and three single-sex Catholic schools.

Auction House London prides itself on having local knowledge about diverse areas of the capital. If you have questions about Croydon or any other London area or suburb, please contact our team of property auction professionals. If you’re looking to buy property in Croydon at an auction, browse through the lots listed in our forthcoming auction. Click the link below to find the selection of current properties listed.

Written by Jamie Royston

24 June 2024

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