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Auction House London’s Area Guide to Neasden

15 May 2024

Auction House London has properties listed for auction throughout the City and surrounding areas. Our property auction experts have extensive knowledgeable about the different areas of London, and are sharing a series of London area guides to help investors make more informed decisions.

This latest area guide takes us to Neasden in the London Borough of Brent in North West London. With several places of interest such as the Neasden Temple or BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir as it is properly known, and Neasden Bunker also known as the alternative Cabinet War Rooms. There are good transport links, and the area is near Wembley Stadium and the Brent Cross shopping centre. Neasden is a quiet suburban neighbourhood which is popular with families, and it is this combination that makes Neasden one of the best places to invest in, within London. Neasden is a desirable area for both property investors and buyers. There are a number of properties that we have listed in Neasden in our May Livestream Property Auction.

The history of Neasden

Neasden has a rich history that traces back to its first mention in a legal document from 939 CE, where it was recorded as ‘Neasden’, which would be Old English translating to ‘nose-shaped hill’. For the next few centuries, Neasden remained a small, rural village centred around Neasden Lane, and was mostly dominated by agriculture and the sprawling estates of wealthy landowners.

The arrival of the railway in the 19th century brought some development to the area, with the opening of Neasden station in 1880 facilitating easier access to the centre of London. Rapid growth then occurred during the first half of the 20th century with large-scale suburban development catering to London’s growing population seeking affordable housing outside the city centre. Neasden then played a crucial role during World War II as it was the site of the largest underground bunker built for the Cabinet War Rooms, housing key government and military personnel.

Post-war, Neasden continued to grow and become more culturally diverse, with a striking symbol of the area’s multicultural evolution being the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir. Known colloquially as the Neasden Temple, it opened in 1995 and is recognised as one of the largest Hindu temples outside India.

What does the architecture and property look like in Neasden?

The development during the 20th century was typified by rows of terraced and semi-detached houses like this three-bedroom semi-detached house on Tanfield Avenue. Most of these homes are two-stories, featuring brick exteriors and pitched roofs, as well as front and back gardens. Neasden also contains modernist apartment blocks and social housing, with the buildings here often showcasing the simpler, functional designs that were popular in the latter half of the 20th century.

Some of the two-story homes have been converted into flats, such as this ground floor two-bedroom flat on Neasden Lane. There are also some other interesting properties to be found in Neasden, such as one three-story building that has the second floor two-bedroom flat, which is currently available and is listed in our May property auction.

What are the amenities like in Neasden?

Neasden offers a variety of amenities that cater to the needs of its diverse community. The area features several local shopping centres, convenience stores and supermarkets, primarily along Neasden Lane, providing residents with easy access to all the daily necessities.

In addition to providing housing and convenient travel options, Neasden boasts numerous leisure facilities and amenities that enhance its appeal as a residential area. One notable advantage of its suburban setting is its proximity to various green spaces, with Gladstone Park standing out as a favourite among families. Just a brief drive away, Brent Reservoir presents another opportunity for outdoor recreation, with its scenic surroundings perfect for leisurely strolls and even hosting a sailing club for enthusiasts.

Open spaces in Neasden

Neasden has several open spaces that contribute to its suburban appeal, with the standout being the Gladstone Park. Located on the border of Neasden, this large park offers an array of amenities including sports facilities like tennis courts, football pitches and even a cricket pitch. It also features a dedicated children’s playground, as well as a café and an art gallery in the historic Gladstone Park Lodge.

Gladstone Park provides extensive walking paths and landscaped gardens to enjoy, with this multi-purpose green space helping to enhance the overall living environment in Neasden.

What are the schools like in Neasden?

Neasden’s schools cater to the area’s diverse community, offering both primary and secondary education. Primary options include Mitchell Brook and Our Lady of Grace Catholic Junior School, while Crest Academy serves secondary students with its emphasis on both academic and vocational training.

Auction House London prides itself on having local knowledge about diverse areas of the capital. If you have questions about Neasden or any other London area or suburb, please contact our team of property auction professionals. If you’re looking to buy property in London at an auction, browse through the lots listed in our forthcoming auction. Or, if you have a property you want to sell in London or the surrounding areas, why not see how much it could be worth in an auction with a free valuation by Auction House London.

Written by Andrew Binstock

15 May 2024

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