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Why now is hailed as the perfect time to grab a bargain property in London

Property experts and house hunters in the British capital believe that subdued house price growth and market uncertainty spurned by Brexit presents opportunities for eagle-eyed buyers to snap up bargain property in London. Recent data from Rightmove shows that the average asking price of a property in London has, for the first time since August

UK house sales spike despite Brexit uncertainty

As negotiations with the European Union remain ongoing ahead of Britain’s official departure from the EU on March 29 this year, speculation continues to circulate about the impact Brexit will have on the country’s property market. Despite the intense uncertainty Brexit is creating, which is leading to speculation that house prices across the country might

Mortgage lenders offer ten-year fixed-rate BTL mortgages

With the uncertain economic and political landscape, the prospect of long-term financial security is becoming increasingly attractive to buy-to-let landlords. In response to such uncertainty and the raft of legislation changes landlords are being forced to tolerate, lenders are offering attractive, low-interest BTL mortgages for long fixed-rate terms. Longer rate terms often come can come

Research shows Brexit’s impact on housing market is exaggerated

Since the UK voted to leave the European Union in June 2016, the headlines have been dominated by how Brexit will affect different markets and the economy and non-more so than the property sector. While much of the property headlines report the alleged negative impacts of Brexit on the housing market, recent research offers a

London’s private landlords earn £7bn from investments in the last year

From April 2017 to 2018, private landlords in the British capital earned a total of £7bn from their residential property investments, resulting in as much as 20% of the nation’s buy-to-let income. The £7bn income in London’s private residential letting sector equated to a 6.4 per cent growth, up from £6.6bn in the previous year.

Demand for commercial property in Britain high among investors

Demand for commercial property in Britain continues to be robust, regardless of ongoing Brexit uncertainty. This was the finding of a review of the commercial property sector in the UK by GVA, the UK’s leading and most diverse property advisory-led business. The review found that while many European investors are practicing caution over the UK

House prices bounce back in October

House prices in England and Wales rose by 0.4% in October, leaving the average price of a property at £304,433. This was the finding of Your Move’s latest house price index, which shows that the majority of regions in England and Wales saw house price gains over the course of the year, the biggest being

Buy-to-let mortgage interest rates hit all-time low

Buy-to-let mortgage interest rates have hit an all-time low, making borrowing to invest in property to let out more attractive than ever. A raft of recent tax reforms to the sector has led to a decline in buy-to-let purchases in the UK, meaning the market is less competitive than it has been previously. As the

House prices rise in September

Newly released figures show that house prices in Britain increased by 2 per cent year on year for September. According to Nationwide, house prices grew by 0.3 per cent from August to September this year, taking the average property in Britain to £214,922. In what has been cited as a “fairly stable picture for the

Buy to let growth predicted for year-end by leading banking group

Buy-to-let in Britain is predicted to show growth for 2018 and will be bigger than previous years, says the Paragon Banking Group, one of the UK’s largest providers of mortgages and personal loans. According to Paragon’s trading update, published in mid-September, by the end of 2018 buy-to-let in Britain is expected to have risen by

Rents set to rise by as much as 15% as demand among tenants increases

The cost of renting property is set to rise by as much as 15% by 2023. According to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), a shortage in supply of rental property is going to push the price of renting up forthcoming years. The RICS Residential Market Survey for July reports a decline in the

House buyers are returning to London despite Brexit uncertainty, shows Rightmove report

House buyers are returning to London, lured by attractive house prices, despite uncertainty driven by the impending official Brexit date in March 2019. This was the finding of a report by Rightmove, which revealed there has been a steady pick-up in buying activity in the UK capital. The upswing in buyer activity signals the beginning

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