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Dealing with Damp and Mould: Solutions and Selling Options

28 March 2024

Do you own a property with damp and mould problems?

In this guide we offer practical solutions.

Did you know you can sell your property through auction regardless of damp and mould
concerns? Our Auction Selling Guide provides valuable insights into property selling at
auction. So, whether you want to solve the problem by selling the property or carrying out
damp and mould repairs, we have you covered.

What is the impact of damp and mould on your property?

Damp and mould can cause extensive damage to your property; it’s not just what you can
physically see, it’s what you don’t, such as structural deterioration and potential health
hazards. The consequences of dampness and mould can be severe. Therefore, it is crucial to
identify the root cause and extent of the problem.

So, how can you address damp and mould problems effectively?

Here are four tips to address mould and damp problems:

1. Identify and Fix Sources of Moisture: In addressing damp and mould problems, it is crucial
to check for leaks in plumbing, roofs, or windows and promptly repair any identified issues.
Additionally, improving ventilation in damp-prone areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and
basements can help mitigate moisture build-up and reduce the risk of mould growth.

2. Clean and Treat Affected Areas: When combating damp and mould issues, it is essential to
employ suitable cleaning solutions to eradicate mould from surfaces such as walls, ceilings,
and floors. Furthermore, applying mould-resistant paint or sealants can be beneficial in
preventing the future recurrence of mould growth.

3. Repair Damaged Surfaces: To effectively address damp and mould problems, it is essential
to repair damaged walls, ceilings, or roofs to prevent moisture ingress and inhibit mould
growth. Additionally, materials that are extensively damaged or beyond repair should be
promptly replaced to ensure the property’s structural integrity and mitigate the risk of
further moisture-related issues.

4. Seek Professional Assistance if Necessary: When confronted with severe or persistent
damp and mould issues, it is advisable to seek consultation from damp specialists or mould
remediation experts. Their expertise can provide valuable insights and tailored solutions to
address the problem effectively. Furthermore, for extensive repairs or renovations,
considering the assistance of professionals ensures that the issue is thoroughly addressed,
and the property’s condition is restored to optimal levels.

Why Sell a House with Damp and Mould Issues at Auction?

Selling a property with damp and mould issues at auction offers numerous advantages for

1. Auctions provide a transparent platform where properties are sold quickly, often within a
matter of weeks, allowing sellers to avoid prolonged marketing periods and uncertainty.

2. Auctions attract a diverse pool of buyers, including investors and developers experienced in
handling properties requiring remedial renovation. This can result in competitive bidding and
potentially higher sale prices, even for properties with visible issues

3. Selling at auction allows sellers to divest of problem properties without needing extensive
repairs or renovations, saving time and money. Transparency about the property is critical
when producing the sales details and legal pack as a seller, as buyers must carry out their
due diligence before buying. For further details, check out our guide to buying at auction.

4. Unlike traditional sales methods, auctions attract buyers with property renovation and
restoration expertise. One of the critical aspects of selling problem properties at auction is
transparency. By providing comprehensive information about the property’s condition,
including any damp and mould issues, sellers can attract the right buyers willing to take on
the challenge.

If selling at auction is an option, Auction House London can provide expert guidance and
assistance throughout the process, and if you are a developer or investor with experience of
these types of properties that sell well at auction, look at our auction lots for potential

Finally, below are some tips for those new to investing who may see properties for auction,
they are interested in, with damp and mould problems.

How to identify dampness and mould when viewing a house?

Look out for musty odours and visible stains, such as water stains or dark patches on walls
and ceilings, as well as signs of peeling paint and damp spots, which could indicate

underlying moisture issues. Additionally, take note of excessive condensation on windows, as
this may suggest poor ventilation in the property. Keep an eye out for visible mould growth on
walls, ceilings, or enclosed spaces, and be vigilant for signs of wood decay, particularly
around windows, doors, and areas prone to dampness, such as kitchens and bathrooms.
Lastly, investigate cabinets and closets for any unpleasant smells or signs of mould growth.

Why Buy a House with Damp and Mould Issues at Auction?

Despite their challenges, properties with damp and mould issues can offer unique
opportunities for buyers. These properties often come with a reduced-price tag, making them
more affordable than comparable homes in the area. Additionally, buyers willing to invest in
remediation efforts can increase the property’s value over time. For those seeking renovation
projects, properties with damp and mould problems can provide a blank canvas for
customisation and improvement.

Dealing with damp and mould problems can be daunting, but you can overcome these
challenges with the right approach. Contact us today to receive a free valuation and take the
first step towards confidently selling your property.

Our expert team can help you navigate the selling process smoothly, even with property
challenges. By selling through us, you can avoid the hassle of extensive repairs and maximise
the value of your property.

Written by Jamie Royston

28 March 2024

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