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  • We Offer 3 Ways To Bid At Our Auction - Complete the Form Below

    1. Telephone Bidding you can bid in real time over the phone
    2. Proxy Bidding you submit your best bid to the auctioneer who will try and win it for you at the best price
    3. Internet Bidding you can bid in real time over the internet using a unique login code via Auction Passport
  • *TELEPHONE BIDDERS - A member of staff will attempt to contact the bidder by telephone prior to the lot concerned being offered for sale. If contact is made, then the bidder may compete in the bidding through the auctioneer’s staff. If it is impossible to obtain telephone contact, or the link breaks down, the auctioneer is authorised to continue to bid on behalf of the telephone bidder up to the maximum bid stated on this form.

    **INTERNET BIDDERS - Once the form is submitted and payment has been made you will receive a unique PIN number and you will need to supply your email address in order to bid. In the event that the internet bidder appears offline to the auctioneer, the auctioneer will not continue to bid on their behalf unless specifically instructed by the bidder prior to the auction and confirmed in writing by the auctioneer.

  • Lot Details

  • Bidder Details

  • Purchaser Details (Contract Name)

    You will not be able to amend the contract name after the auction.

  • Solicitor Details

  • Proof of identification

    Please upload your certified photographic ID and proof of address below to comply with Anti-Money Laundering Regulations. If you do not hold certified ID we will send you a CREDAS link that is simple, quick and secure (remote ID verification app).

    CERTIFIED ID: a true copy of your identification documents that are signed by a notary public (e.g. Solicitor, Accountant).

    By submitting your ID, you authorise Auction House London to undertake any further proof of identification and anti-money laundering checks that may be required.



  • ID Type 1
  • ID Type 2
  • Payment Authorisation

    I will pre-authorise on my debit/credit card £6,200 prior to the auction for the Auctioneers, comprising a £5,000 contribution towards the deposit plus the Auctioneers Buyer's Administration Charge of £1,200 (£1,000+VAT). If I am the winning bidder, I will make a bank transfer to include any balance due on the 10% deposit of my winning bid (subject to a minimum of £5,000, whichever is greater, or as otherwise stated in the Special Conditions) plus my buyers administration charge of £1,200 (£1,000+VAT) (or as otherwise stated in the addendum) to Auction House London.

    Auction House London will send bank details to the winning bidder.

    Buyer's Administration Charge - Should my bid be successful I agree to pay a Buyer's Administration Charge of £1,200 (£1,000+VAT) (or as otherwise stated in the addendum) upon exchange of contracts to Auction House London, the auctioneers.

  • Terms and Conditions

  • The signatory warrants that authority has been given by the purchaser.


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